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The effective method to solve sunlight plate fracture problem

by:UNQ     2020-11-05
According to 2347 consumers, often appear when using sunshine plate plate fracture phenomenon, what reason is this? Under the sun panels of experts will introduce you to this problem, hope I can help you to understand. First to check the polycarbonate sheet frame, if uneven or welding scar and burr, sheet is easy to cause fracture in use, so the frame must be smooth, and must be able to appear and burr, welding scar is not able to use volatile solvent. At the time of construction, it is best to butyl waterproof tape laying on both sides of the frame, make them form a small tank. And then you can place the polycarbonate sheet on the skeleton, and ensure that the reserved expansion joints between plates; At the same time the EPDM layering the pressure between the plate and plate outlet, with self drilling screws. To rely on the sunshine board shall not directly contact with metope of metope, instead use aluminum Angle fixed on the wall, then sun plate set inside, can effectively prevent the sunshine board fixed after fracture.
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