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The economic benefits of pc board processing greenhouses are more significant

by:UNQ     2021-04-01

  The ground ring beams at the top of the retaining wall and the ground ring beams processed by the are also the parts that transmit heat outward. Under the condition that the thickness of the wall is not large, the underground soil layer is basically open to the outside to remove heat and is also a key safe passage for heat to flow out. In the basic construction of greenhouses, laying an insulating layer in the basic and short walls is a very good countermeasure to maintain the soil temperature in the basic construction of greenhouses in the northern region. For sunlight greenhouses or greenhouse vegetables, it is also possible to dig a 0.5-1.0M deep and 0.5m wide antifreeze ditch around the greenhouse and fill it with insulation materials to prevent the evaporation of soil temperature. The excellent thermal insulation of the endurance board determines its irreplaceable dominance in the development history of greenhouses. With the development of high technology and the development of society, the field of endurance board will continue to break down and create new ones. It will be more closely integrated with the society to develop social and economic development for people. The happiness and happiness of the company give full play to some of the holes in its light and heat rack structure, such as centrifugal fan holes, cooling water curtain holes, etc., and they are often the key safe passage for the evaporative heat of the greenhouse in winter. PC sheets processing is in the basic construction of the greenhouse design plan, in order to better improve the thermal insulation of the greenhouse, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing design plan at the key points or the cover leakage countermeasures in winter. In the basic construction of various greenhouses, especially in North China, the thermal insulation of greenhouses is a key index value for considering the performance of greenhouses. Due to the colder environmental factors, the more significant the economic benefits of greenhouses will be.

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