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The difference between plexiglass processing display rack and ordinary glass display rack

by:UNQ     2021-03-13

  Plexiglas processing can be seen everywhere in every shopping mall. With the continuous increase in the number of shopping malls, the number of display racks also increases. More importantly, the types of glass display racks also vary. The increase. Although the types of glass display cabinets have been increasing, and they appear more frequently in shopping malls than before, people can't distinguish the types of glass at all, so this brings people troubles. In fact, the most popular display stand is the plexiglass display stand.

   plexiglass display rack has the advantages that ordinary glass display racks do not have, mainly as follows: full beauty; super light transmittance, and its light is relatively soft; The impact resistance is more than 200 times that of ordinary glass, and the safety is higher; the life span is as long as 6-13 years; it has good flame resistance and so on.

   The main component of ordinary glass display stands is silica. Flat ordinary glass has the properties of light transmission, sound insulation, heat insulation, wear resistance, heat preservation, heat absorption, and radiation protection, and is often widely used in product display, building doors and windows, walls and interior decoration, etc. Although the ordinary glass display rack has always had very strong performance, when it meets the organic glass display rack, it will appear quite inferior. The main reason is that the plexiglass display rack has more powerful performance, and There are other properties that ordinary glass does not have.

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