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The difference between PC endurance board and PET endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-02-26
PC endurance board and PET endurance board are relatively easy to confuse in daily life. Although the names are similar, there is still a big difference in use and function. Today this article will tell you how to distinguish the difference between these two materials. 1. First of all, on the name, PC sheets means polycarbonate in Chinese, and PET board in Chinese means: poly-pair plastic, 2. How to distinguish between PC endurance board and PET endurance board? When distinguishing PC endurance board and PET endurance board, three aspects can be compared. First, use boiling water to scald the test. It is easy to distinguish the two materials by scalding the board with high-temperature water or burning it. PC material will not change in any way under high temperature. Second, the flexibility test. The flexibility of the PE sheet is not good, but it is very durable and can withstand great stress tests. Third, the material aspect. Relatively speaking, the transparency of PC material is not as high as that of PET.
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