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The difference between pc board and endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-02
The full name of pc board is polycarbonate board, pc board is divided into pc hollow board (polycarbonate sheet) and pc solid board (endurance board), so endurance board and pc board are not a kind of products, endurance board is not equal to pc board. The following is a detailed introduction to the endurance board customization issues and the issues that need to be understood 1. The width of the endurance board customization, the production width of the endurance board is 0mm~2100mm2. The length of the endurance board is customized, the shortest online length of the endurance board is 500mm, and the longest theoretical value is unlimited Long, but considering the actual installation restrictions and transportation restrictions, plates smaller than 5mm are generally made of 30000mm coils, the smaller the thickness is, the length can be increased, and the endurance plates larger than 5mm are generally made of sheets within 6000mm, as the thickness increases The length of the board should be reduced accordingly. 3. The thickness of the endurance board is customized. The production thickness of the endurance board is 0.8mm~20mm, 0.8mm~2mm belongs to the endurance board sheet, 2mm~10mm belongs to the general endurance board, suitable for all fields of endurance board, and the above 10mm belongs to the ultra-thick endurance 4. The color of endurance board. Commonly used colors for endurance board include white endurance board, transparent endurance board, milky white, lake blue, royal blue, brown, and grass green. Recently, bright yellow, orange, orange, Big red, silver gray, black, etc., we can customize the color you need according to customer requirements. 5. About the MOQ of endurance board (weight per square of endurance boardu003dthickness*1.2), transparent and turquoise endurance board is the most commonly used color. The MOQ is 300 kg, and the MOQ of other commonly used colors is one meal. , The minimum order quantity of emerging colors and special customized colors is 3 tons. 6. Customization of other heterogeneous plates, other heterogeneous plates or plates that cannot be cut on the production line, require offline secondary processing. Common processing methods include, Cutting, engraving, cold bending, hot bending, plastic forming, rolling, etc. If you have any questions about other endurance boards, please contact us! Endurance board customization
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