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The difference between pc board and acrylic board

by:UNQ     2021-03-15
At present, there are more and more plastic products in domestic use, especially acrylic and pc boards have grown into the best among them, but acrylic and pc boards are too similar in appearance, so it is inevitable that there will be some ill-intentioned merchants. To deceive consumers, in order to avoid unnecessary losses for everyone, the editor will talk about some differences between acrylic board and :

1. The appearance of acrylic is very transparent, and PC board has high transparency, which is basically difficult. distinguish. 2. Combustion When acrylic is burned, the flame is clear, there is no smoke, there are bubbles, and the filament can be pulled out when extinguishing the fire. When the casting plate burns, there is no smoke, bubbles, squeaking sound, and no wire when extinguishing fire. The is basically incombustible when burned with fire, it is flame-retardant, and some black smoke will be emitted. 3. The has good impact resistance and cannot be beaten badly. The impact resistance of PC board is 8 to 10 times that of acrylic board. 4. The anti-ultraviolet light on the surface of the is 5 times longer than the outdoor use period of the acrylic (acrylic can reach 2 years without yellowing, and the PC board can reach 10 years). V. Price For example, the price of a 3MM-thick PC board is roughly 200 yuan per square meter; the price of a 5MM-thick acrylic board of the same area is about 200 yuan. 

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