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The design and production of plexiglass display racks need to pay attention to the purchase method

by:UNQ     2021-04-05
In the production process, the material of the plexiglass display rack can be silk screen printing, laser carving, flame polishing, flat printing, hot bending and blister, etc. These characteristics are very difficult to achieve through traditional industrial injection molding. Moreover, the toughness strength and acid and alkali resistance of the plexiglass display rack board are not as good as the endurance board and the new PET reinforced board in the market. In contrast, it is very easy to break and crack, such as impact resistance and cold bending effects. First of all, pay attention to the light transmittance of the plexiglass display rack when purchasing. Since good plexiglass materials have excellent light transmission, the fine plexiglass display racks usually have good light transmission. Second, pay attention to the color of the display stand. The high-quality plexiglass display rack has uniform color and good integrity, which must be paid attention to when purchasing.

Again, the thickness of the material is also one of the criteria for simply measuring the quality of the plexiglass display rack. Because the plexiglass display rack uses different materials, its thickness will definitely be different. Buyers can intuitively identify the quality of this product by comparing it with the thickness of the standard plexiglass display rack. In addition, you can touch the plexiglass display rack to judge its quality by hand. The surface of high-quality plexiglass display stands is round and smooth, feels good, and will not easily leave fingerprints or other marks. At the same time, the design and production of plexiglass display racks has a huge space to play. The key is how to use and combine design cleverly in commercial activities. This is an industry issue that is currently the most concerned and actively explored by plexiglass display rack design and production companies

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