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The current status of PC sheet processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-11
PC sheets is also called polycarbonate board, and it is called 'transparent thick steel plate'. Its available business scale: construction industry, shipping industry, transportation and travel advertising industry, military industry production, agriculture and animal husbandry, greenhouse industry, sound insulation board and other industrial production Because its transparency is second only to the most common laminated glass, and its sheet is not fragile, its compressive strength is much higher than that of laminated glass and acrylic sheet, and its sheet has been processed into other ways, so it is becoming more and more popular among the people. . PC endurance board processing is mainly started in recent years, but due to its characteristics, the opening is faster than its global polycarbonate application plus the rate (15%). According to incomplete statistical analysis, PC endurance is now Board processing occupies 5% of large-scale decorative building materials shopping malls. Taking my country's large-scale shopping malls as an example, the additional record is 23.5%. The key factor depends on the market prospects of large shopping malls, as well as the quality of some raw materials. Nowadays, many manufacturers in China can produce PC endurance boards, but very few of their production boards can be applied to board manufacturers because their processing is based on high temperature. The ground stress in the board will also be greatly modified due to the technical nature of, suction, involvement, and refrigeration. If the purity of the raw material of the board has residue and moisture, the pass rate is not too high. In addition to the low transparency of the formed plates, the bad plate rate will also be high.

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