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The current market bottleneck of PC diffuser

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

  PC diffuser's current market bottleneck

  After nearly ten years of development,   PC diffuser has a place in high-end applications, but it has not been widely used in general fields such as home and office . There are three factors that affect the widespread use of PC diffusers:

   1. As the most stable optical resin with comprehensive performance, PC has a very wide range of applications and market demand, and the production technology of PC raw materials is controlled internationally. In the hands of oligarchs, the price of PC raw materials is 2-4 times that of general-purpose plastics, and the high cost affects market promotion. Fortunately, domestic PC raw materials have gradually started.

  2. The development of LED lamps has only been more than ten years. In addition to the requirements and standards in the field of transportation facilities and public safety, LED products have not standardized and popularized the concepts of service life and safety, and there is no high standard, as high quality The PC diffuser that comes standard with the light source is also difficult to promote.

  3. As an optical-grade resin, PC has high requirements on processing technology. Generally, plate manufacturers do not have technology accumulation and reserves, and do not have production capacity. The market supply of PC diffusers also has certain bottlenecks.


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