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The common point of pc board processing and pc sunshine board

by:UNQ     2021-04-01

  pc board processing from the top, the name can’t see any similarities between pc endurance board and pc sunshine board, but in fact, whether it is raw material or performance, polycarbonate board and pc polycarbonate sheet have a lot in common . This is also a great help with everyone's emphasis on future scientific use.

   It can be understood that, regardless of whether the solar panel polycarbonate sheet or not, polycarbonate is used as a raw material by extrusion. It is confirmed that because of the common materials, only these two plates have many similar properties, and many methods are used to be the same.

Because the solid sheet of    and the relatively light PC solar panel is processed from the same material, the weight is naturally lighter, so that the sheet material is transported, unloaded, transported, and installed easily, and can also reduce costs.

   is transparent, semi-transparent and all have equivalent glass; but it also has the ability to ultraviolet light, so it is because it is coated with a UV-resistant coating board, and another One side has anti-condensation and can be handled, which provides sufficient protection.

   is noisy with the same thickness as the polycarbonate solar panel, and even better than glass, and has a significant effect, making it the material of choice for highway noise barriers. Of course, it embodies excellent energy efficiency and greatly reduces heat loss.

   Whether it is a pc endurance board or a pc polycarbonate sheet, it can be bent at will to meet different application requirements. At the same time, it can maintain stable performance indicators under various environmental conditions. The indicator plate has good weather resistance and is less affected by temperature.

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