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The color of the pc board processing endurance board is uneven

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

   The processing position of the pc board has an effect on the filling condition of the board, the shape of the endurance board and the way of extrusion. Make some parts of the board chromatic aberration, and modify it if necessary.

  The endurance board has the advantages of impact resistance, round arching, bendability, good workability, and strong plasticity. In the colorful world, I want to see that this principle also applies to my protagonist endurance board today. But this is only a part of it. You can customize endurance boards of different thicknesses and colors according to your requirements. This is what I like to see and look forward to

   But sometimes the color of the boards purchased may be uneven. Some customers report that the colors of the endurance boards are grass green, brown, Lake blue, smoke color, etc.

   This situation usually causes the extrusion port to show a pattern near the 1 endurance board color masterbatch is poorly dispersed. To stabilize the color of the sheet, the thermal stability of polycarbonate particles or masterbatch is poor. The conditions must be strictly fixed, especially the material temperature, material volume and cycle; try to make the cooling rate of each part of the extruder be the same, and 3 pairs of colored endurance boards. For plates with large wall thickness differences, color masterbatch can be used to mask the chromatic aberration;

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