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The choice of diffused PC board material

by:UNQ     2021-03-19

  Proliferation PC sheets customization time is uninterrupted. If the production time is less than 1,000 square meters, generally custom-made PC boards need to be set in several stages: scheduling period, production period, and transportation period. For example, the schedule: Generally, large factories have their own orders for production. The production period is basically one day, one day for transportation, and three days for long distances. Therefore, it normally takes a working day, and it will not be cost-effective if the time is long.

   There are many types of PC boards on the market, due to the increase in demand for building materials. Therefore, you must choose high-quality boards when customizing PC boards. If you are not sure, it is recommended to consult the merchant. In fact, there are usually company stocks. It is recommended that the manufacturer check whether the manufacturing and processing sequence of the plate is qualified and meets the national plate custom requirements. Most of the diffused PC boards are customized except for the goods in the channel (dealer) storefront.

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