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The characteristics of sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-10-18
163 what is the advantage of the polycarbonate sheet the advantages and characteristics of the sunshine board: flame retardant, spontaneous combustion temperature of 630 ℃ (PC polycarbonate sheet Wood is 220 ℃) , by the fireproof construction material quality supervision and testing center testing, PC sheets combustibility reached GB ( 8624 - 1997 flame retardant B1 level) , belongs to the difficult combustion engineering materials. Chemical KangFuXing, PC sheets has good chemical KangFuXing sunshine, at room temperature can all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid, weak acid, vegetable oil, neutral salt solution, aliphatic hydrocarbon and the erosion of alcohol. Heat resistance, cold resistance, good PC sunshine plate heat resistance difference, can adapt to various weather changes from cold to hot, in - 40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ range various physical performance is stable. Chemical PC sunshine board in visible light and near infrared spectroscopy with high light transmittance. Depending on the different colors, light transmittance can reach 12% 88%. Resistance to ultraviolet ray, prevent ageing PC sunshine plate surface with uv co-extrusion layer, good outdoor weathering resistance, use for a long time to maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties of can. Impact resistance performance of the impact strength of PC sunshine board was 80 times that of glass, solid sheet glass is 200 times, can prevent the transport, installation, use in the process of crushing the prominent characteristics of the sunshine board, other are not as commonly used glass break, to avoid harming people, maximum guarantee for security. Sun light PC board quality is light, is the same glass - 1/12 1/15, security is not broken, easy to carry, installation, and can reduce the weight of the building, simplifying the structure design, save cost of installation. PC sunshine board flexible and plasticity make install vault and other surface ideal material, therefore, bending radius can reach 175 times the plate thickness, thickness of bending radius 175.
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