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The cause of the sun room is leaking and leakproof key lies in the material

by:UNQ     2020-10-14
1271 polycarbonate sheet is one of the main material of sun room, sun room is leaking, so the polycarbonate sheet must also have to take off the relationship. In order to formulate feasible sun room leak proof measures, first to analysis from the cause of sun room is leaking. On the one hand may be chosen polycarbonate sheet quality is unqualified, after a long time after the use of withstand the effect of bad weather and heavy, appeared premature aging, the phenomenon such as damage, leading to the sun room is leaking. This also fully proved that construction of the sun room, select material is very important for a job. On the other hand may be poor sealing sun room, especially in joint seal, this has to do with the glue used, fasteners, etc are also a lot to do. When painting the loose layer due to the quality problem of the coatings produced, glue can't connect with sun room, there will be cracks, lead to leakage. On the market a lot of transparent material used to build the sun room, including tempered glass, laminated glass, endurance plate, sunshine board, etc. , can satisfy the requirement of daylighting. But each kind of pervious to light material has advantages and disadvantages, so you should according to the needs of the modelling of sun room, conditions and use. Comprehensive comparison, the sunshine board with light weight, impact resistance, high strength, high light transmittance, weather resistance and strong ultraviolet ray, high insulation resistance, easy fabrication and installation characteristics in this stand out, be the first choice of the making sun room. Because the sun room should not only meet the requirements of lighting and ventilation, but also has good seal effect, so in addition to choose sun plate, also in the front elevation of the sun room, at the top of the can open the doors and Windows are adopted, so the quality of doors and Windows quality determines the quality of the sun room.
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