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The breakage of the sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-11-09
After 62 sun plate using more and more widely, its superiority is gradually, but even this high quality material, is still in the process of use will have probably damaged and unnecessary. In order to prevent damage of plank, must know clearly about the several main factors of formation damage. If the device polycarbonate sheet, its appearance of protective film damage or remove the directly, can perhaps lead to scratch. If the board directly nailed on the skeleton, also have may render plank swell of high stress and damage the perforated marginal situation. If polycarbonate sheet tortuous curvature radius is too small, its mechanical strength and chemical resistance will be a sharp drop in, will also become a key factors to damage. In addition, with alkaline substances and corrosive organic material touch; Processing tool or something wrong; Curing agent choose wrong, and so on, there are may result in the polycarbonate sheet damaged.
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