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The board and the reason of good insulation performance

by:UNQ     2020-09-28
1558 as the economy and the improvement of living standards, people also more and more high to the requirement of environmental comfort, this also undertake one of the aims of architectural design. In order to maintain a comfortable and stable thermal environment in the construction, USES a lot of design methods, the use of the polycarbonate sheet is also included. Architectural heat insulation design is the key to limit the heat exchange between the buildings with the surrounding environment, reduce the heat transfer, not only to keep the interior of the building warm in cold weather, reduce heating energy consumption; But also shorten the indoor stabilization to comfortable temperature time; Also effectively prevent the high temperature in high temperature weather into indoor, save energy consumption of temperature control, can meet the above requirements is only sunshine. is a kind of to plate made of polycarbonate as raw materials, the raw material coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0. 2W/m. K, the heat insulation performance better than the material such as glass, so better used as construction materials, can provide good thermal environment construction. Except for the sake of material performance, sun board structure is the source of good energy-saving insulation, especially the three layers of the sunshine board, its perforated structure formed between the upper and lower two air layer, and the thermal conductivity of air, which can improve overall insulation materials, that is great for applications requiring heat preservation. Considering the radiation from the sun to sun board such polymer material has a lot of harm, can produce fine lines caused by the surface degradation, these fine lines are susceptible to water, dust and water chemical and erosion, so most of the polycarbonate sheet has a one-sided or two-sided uv protective layer, make it have good outdoor corrosion resistance performance. This unique protection to ensure long-term under the intense ultraviolet light irradiation, still can use for a long time and keep its optical properties, compared with other thermal plastic material, this is also the sunshine board a special advantage. Use of these advantages, the sunshine board is widely used in public, civil construction, highway sound insulation, the daylighting of the ceiling in modern greenhouse lighting materials as the floor, advertising materials and so on.
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