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The birth of the light diffuser can solve the problem of LED lighting lamps and lanterns of the chimney

by:UNQ     2020-10-09
1448 although the polycarbonate roofing sheets and endurance in the transmission of light has a good performance, but if to dedicated to the LED lamps and lanterns, finished products or recommend the use of light diffuser. This is also a kind of with high light transmittance and the popular sheet, it can be a very good meet demands high LED lamps and lanterns of finished products. Have been research the chimney of LED lighting products, it requires both a high light transmittance, at the same time, to do is quite light diffusion rate and good concealment of the light source. But with the traditional glass chimney obviously can't satisfy these conditions, through continuous testing and improvement, finally developed the light diffuser. Optical diffuser plate can make the light through the spread of the base material layer, and refractive index of different medium, and multiple perspectives, multiple directions of refraction, reflection and scattering phenomenon, so as to achieve the light diffusion effect. The use of it, to show the lighting component provides a uniform plane light source. Compared to other materials, the advantages of optical diffuser is on the premise of guarantee high light transmittance, increasing the light diffusion rate of the product and fog degree, through the role of the diffuser, make whole panel form a shiny surface evenly and not form a dark space, the residual image is formed on the picture, make the picture more vivid, achieve perfect crystal clear visual effect. Light on the market at present there are many kinds of diffuser, basic it is divided according to the material, PC optical diffuser, PMMA optical diffuser and PS light diffuser. PC optical diffuser plate, by contrast, high light transmittance, and good impact resistance and flame retardant, so more widely. Since it is specially designed for LED lighting lamps and lanterns, suitable for all kinds of natural products, whether it's straight down type light source of LED lighting lamps and lanterns or side of the light source of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, can undertake collocation, with play a good role in various occasions.
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