The Advantages of Polycarbonate U-lock Panels System

Conventional pc hollow sheet Installation Problems:

  • Water leakage problem

As we all know, building roof leakage is an eternal subject. Due to the differentiation and personalization of modern buildings, breaking the traditional building roof model, the problem of leakage prevention has become a difficult problem to achieve architectural design, especially for large-area roof lighting projects.
In our current actual work, this problem is particularly prominent due to the use of large-span door-shaped steel structures and large-span arches in projects such as large flower markets, ecological restaurants, and sauna baths

  • Weak impact resistance

The standard upper wall thickness of the conventional double-layer 8mm is 550um, and the spacing between the vertical bars is 11mm. Under normal circumstances, the impact resistance standard is that a 10 kg iron ball falls freely for 2 meters without breaking. But there is no promise for hail, which is mainly due to hail, different densities, different shapes, and different free fall speeds. Therefore, it cannot be promised. In theory, when the upper wall exceeds 0.8mm-1mm, it can promise to prevent hail.
The hollow sheet has different rib spacing, and the ability to resist hail is also different. Therefore, a rule is formed, the wider the spacing between the vertical bars, the weaker the anti-hail impact; the thinner the upper wall, the weaker the anti-hail resistance.
Standard 8mm double and 10mm double sheets can sometimes resist the impact of hail. But the common problem we have encountered in the market is that the 8mm double-layer upper surface plate does not meet the above technical indicators, resulting in hail breakdown. The weak anti-hail impact ability of the 10mm three-layer is mainly caused by the too wide spacing between the vertical bars.

  • It is difficult to install

Because the width of the hollow sheet can reach 2.1m, it can save profiles on the surface, but the 2.1m width and several meters long make it more difficult to work at heights, especially in windy and rainy days, and it is difficult to achieve precise installation. And the uneven strength of the nails fixed on the profile, the board is too thin to stand on, etc., all of which lead to a decrease in the installation quality, an increase in the chance of water leakage, an increase in the installation cost, an increase in the technical requirements of workers, and an increase in the cost.
In terms of plastic extrusion, the hollow board can also extrude some lower gram weight per square meter, but the thickness of the upper wall is thinner, which will greatly reduce the impact resistance.

PC U-lock sheet can solve these problems perfectly

PC U-lock sheet is one of the commonly used sheets in our Unique company.
PC U-lock sheet has its own connection cover for the joint part of two sheets. There is no need to draw any hole for the screw to fasten on the surface. It looks not only beautiful but also can be 100% waterproofed. UV coating can be added to the surface as required. Same as our PC U-lock sheet with 15 years warranty.
The PC U-lock sheet is also very easy to install, there is a special space between the two sheets’ connection parts. So while long sheets can be used for large-span buildings without worrying about the heat expansion problem.
The U-lock sheet is an advanced building system with a proven design. It combines excellent lighting, heat insulation, and high-strength properties. It offers a lightweight, thermal expansion-free and a leak-proof design that can withstand very high loads. The many features of the new system make it ideal for long-term use in a variety of projects. Features of polycarbonate U-lock sheet: bear very high load; no thermal expansion; simple and fast installation; leak proof; thermal insulation; suitable for bending design; double-sided protection; intelligent light control series products. Advantages of sunrooms: Polycarbonate U-lock panels Applications: buildings; commercial and retail buildings, stadium roofs, canopy walkways, open-air markets, gas station entrances, swimming pool roofs.



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