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The advantages and disadvantages of simple introduction of the lacquer that bake board

by:UNQ     2020-11-02
1465 is very similar with endurance plate except polycarbonate sheet, and board of the lacquer that bake, it is through many times in the substrate surface spray paint and after high temperature baking, so not all of the board to carry on such a high intensity of art, only density board to adjust. What is the advantages and disadvantages of this plate? Have a good look at. Talk about the advantages of lacquer board first, on the one hand, it has a bright color and strong visual impact; On the other hand, it is easy to shape, very beautiful; As well as its waterproof performance is good, fight corrupt capability is strong, cleaning and maintenance is easy. Nature also have shortcomings, merits because it is density board chosen as the base material, so if density board quality closes nevertheless, will appear the phenomenon of poor moisture resistance and low stability. So some not normal manufacturer production of lacquer board, due to the process still exist some shortcomings, so the quality is very worrying. At the same time, the lacquer that bake board requires producers have high technological level, if there is no such technical personnel is difficult to obtain high quality product.
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