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The advantage of the sunshine board in what place

by:UNQ     2020-10-08
211 now, sun board can meet the increasing demand for building materials, and meet beautiful, practical, environmental protection request, PC ( Polycarbonate) Sunshine plate is a good choice. Many people may not be familiar with the polycarbonate sheet. Tangyan plate was used as a new material in the industrial, it brought great influence on the market similar products. Either pre-installed, maintenance, use feeling and life, the performance of the sunshine board are surprising. First of all, the PC sheets temperament warm sunshine, warm in winter and cool in summer. 1, the light transmittance: light transmittance as high as 88%; 2, insulation: PC sunshine board more than ordinary glass and other plastics have low thermal conductivity, heat insulation effect is four times that of the same glass, PC sunshine board insulation as high as 49%. 3, sound insulation: polycarbonate plate has a good sound insulation performance, can effectively reduce the noise. 4, use temperature scope: - 40 ° C to + 120 ° C temperature range, PC endurance plate quality not cause deformation, etc. Second, sun board, light weight, easy to install 1 quality is also half the thickness of the glass. 2, cold bending: safety bending radius greater than 175 times of its thickness ( Durable board) ; 3, weathering: workers weathering test 4000 hours, light transmittance lower value is only 0. 6%. 4, flame retardant: standard GB50222 - 95 to confirm the PC durable board with flame retardant B1. PC endurance plate has the spontaneous combustion point of 580 degrees Celsius, and does not produce poisonous gas during combustion, will not lead to a fire spread. Three, long service life and strong anti-aging. 1, anticoagulation, one side can be used to prevent condensation process, prevent dewing. 2, wind resistance, wind resistance can be reached the international standard of GB/T7106 - 86 heads of 3, impact resistance, impact strength is common glass of 300 times, 30 times that of acrylic board, tempered glass is twice as much. 4, UV layer: PC sunshine board face filled with ultraviolet UV coating, can prolong the service life of the sunshine board.
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