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The advantage of the sunshine board comes from quality

by:UNQ     2020-11-03
1906 polycarbonate roofing sheets has an important position in the market, this is mainly have a lot to do with its superior performance, here we want to from the Angle of the fair to judge the sunshine board, see the advantage comes from where? Compared with other plate, polycarbonate sheet on both from the appearance and practical, has a unique advantage. This material can be used as a building roof, space division, can also be used to directly as a window, enough durability and impact resistance to ensure material durability. Our most familiar user should to polycarbonate sheet is the construction of the sun room, in addition it has very good performance in some public facilities, with wuxi metro opened, we can see the polycarbonate sheet in the subway exit. In addition to the adornment of the basic functions, but also offered shelter, blocking ultraviolet irradiation, to ensure that the public environment comfortable. In addition to the subway and bus stop is also used more sunshine board, can make people in high temperature weather from a large number of ultraviolet ray, protect people's skin from damage.
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