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Temperature adaptability of polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

   Polycarbonate board has good outdoor weather resistance. This unique protection guarantees long-term use and maintains its optical properties under strong ultraviolet light irradiation, which has a strong advantage compared with other thermoplastic materials.

  (1) Flexibility: According to the design drawing, it can be cold-formed on the construction site and installed into an arch, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the adopted plate, and hot bending is also possible.

  (2) Weather resistance: It can maintain the stability of various physical indexes in the range of -40℃ to 120℃. After 4000 hours of artificial weathering test, the degree of yellowing was 2, and the light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%.

  (3) Sound insulation: PC sheets has obvious sound insulation effect. It has better sound and sound insulation than glass and acrylic board of the same thickness. Under the same thickness, the insulation of PC sheets The sound volume is 3-4DB higher than that of glass. Internationally, it is the material of choice for highway noise barriers.

   (4) Temperature adaptability: No cold brittleness occurs at -100 degrees Celsius, and no softening at 135 degrees Celsius. There is no significant change in its mechanics and mechanical properties in harsh environments.

  (5) Energy saving: keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter. The thermal conductivity (K value) is lower than that of ordinary glass and other plastics, and the heat insulation effect is 7%-25% higher than that of the same glass , The thermal insulation of PC sheets is up to 49%. Thus, the heat loss is greatly reduced, and it is used in buildings with heating equipment and is an environmentally friendly material.

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