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Technological development progress of PC board

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Technological development progress of PC board Early industrial production methods of PC board include melt transesterification polycondensation method and solution phosgenation interfacial polycondensation method. In 1958, the phosgenation interface polycondensation method was first commercialized by GE and Bayer. Solution phosgenation polycondensation method is to pass phosgene into a dichloromethane solution containing bisphenol A, capping agent p-tert-butylphenol and acid acceptor for polycondensation, and then separate the PC board from the solution. GE used this method in its first unit in the United States. This method has poor economic efficiency. Compared with the phosgenation interfacial polycondensation method that can produce high molecular weight PC boards within a few minutes at room temperature, it lacks competitiveness, so it will soon be eliminated. The phosgenation method referred to now usually refers to the phosgenation interfacial polycondensation method. Figure 1-1 shows the industrial production method of PC boards. In the 1960s, PC boards mainly used phosgenation interfacial polycondensation method (simplified solution phosgenation polycondensation method (obsolete) [GE company uses Italian Enichem company methanol liquid phase oxidation puffer method to produce dimethyl carbonate—-PC sheets graph M PC board industrial production method
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