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Teach you how to identify unqualified sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-10-10
2165 a, there is no trademark brand, there is no production address and contact information; Second, the whole zhang plate rolled tubular, observe every six hours later, if there is a deformation cannot be the same, or rolled out obvious corrugated after deformation, illustrates the polycarbonate sheet inside the content of recycled PVC high or use industrial waste produced; Three fuzzy, if sunshine plate surface, even have small spots appear, description is made of industrial waste in the production of nonconforming product; Four, if there is no sunshine plate surface UV co-extrusion layer, 4 months, under the sun will appear obvious yellow or surface crack, and the people under the sunshine board with feeling difference under the sun; Five, the sunshine plate transverse bending, if it is easy to broken unqualified; Six, sunshine board quality keep certificate must be clearly marked on the plastic film, quality assured but no warranty time or will be ten years quality guarantee with white dry glue on the edge of the sunshine board two short must be fake. This ten years quality guarantee on either dealers himself in the printing factory, either the manufacturer want to avoid responsibility by this way; Seven, sun panels after installation, if sunshine plate looks dark without light, or in the same piece of sunshine board appear different color stripe, illustrates the sunshine board is fake; Many in the market now looks like the polycarbonate sheet are no UV co-extrusion layer, with the production of plastics mimic the service life of only a few months, generally not more than two years. In China only like Lyle sunshine plate fixation and individual products are UV co-extrusion layer, 99% of the plate is no sunshine, and life is very short. On the market without a lot of sunshine board also registered trademarks, some even the manufacturer's detailed address and phone number all have no, this product can not provide 10 years warranty commitment.
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