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Teach you how to choose a greenhouse

Teach you how to choose a greenhouse

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Tips to choose the polycarbonate greenhouse


Nowadays, polycarbonate greenhouses are increasingly popular for both residential and commercial applications, which gradually take over the polyethylene film and glass greenhouse.


The polycarbonate sheet, we also call it cellular polycarbonate which names after the internal structure of this material. The special structure provides the polycarbonate with an array of qualities: Lightweight, light transmission, durability and etc. Those are the reasons why recently polycarbonate materials are commonly used in covering greenhouses.


In this article, 4 tips are needed to be taken into account when buying the polycarbonate for your greenhouse.


Tip1:UV-ray protection

Same to the polypropylene, the cellular polycarbonate will be destroyed by constant exposure to sunray. Therefore, the UV protection layer is highly recommended. The polycarbonate sheets with UV protection will last more than 2-3 years than the ones without.


Tip2:Warranty Period

The high-end quality of the polycarbonate sheets has over 10 years. By contrast, the most common one is less than 5 years. The sheets with 10 years guarantee, cannot be cheap. Good quality always follows up with more cost.


Tip3:The thickness

Light transmission varies in different thicknesses. Usually, the twin-wall polycarbonate is recommended, because it offers a balance of light transmission and thermal insulation. The light transmission of twin wall sheets can reach up to 80-90%. In other structures, such as 3 walls, the transmission falls into 75%. In a word, thicker, more thermal insulation but less light transmission. More thinner the polycarbonate sheet, more light transmission, and less insulation.


Tip4:The color

The color of clear, is the commonly used. However, you perhaps select other colors to get a visual effect. As you’ve already guessed out, adding color affects the light transmission. Think about it----Your greenhouse is wearing a pair of sunglasses.


So if you are going to buy UNQ polycarbonate sheets, keep these 4 tips in mind. The advantages of the UNQ polycarbonate sheets are versatile. But in the meantime, it is critically important to consult the right manufacturer for the best guidance, guarantee certification. Under the manufacturer’s help, safety measures and installation help will be offered accordingly. 


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