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Sunshine plate thickness selection and relations with soluble resin content

by:UNQ     2020-10-11
1285 does have a lot of sunshine board applicable situations, one of them should be greenhouse, as a greenhouse special sunshine board in addition to have good light transmittance, must be in the area of heat preservation and heat insulation effect is very outstanding, and these is the polycarbonate sheet material is accepted by more and more greenhouse users. Believe that through the comparison between all know, polycarbonate sheet of K value is smaller than glass, at the same temperature under the condition of K value, the smaller the thermal insulation performance is better. , of course, not all of the greenhouse is only choose the same sunshine board, at least still have certain differences in thickness. thickness, determine the greenhouse is mainly depends on the temperature of the low temperature difference, as we are using 2 8 mm in south China normal polycarbonate sheet, can achieve the corresponding heat preservation effect; North China is basically 8 mm and 10 mm. But the north cannot choose out of the sunshine board, because it is usually lower in the north, in order to keep the temperature requirement of crops, also need to achieve enough temperature in greenhouse, so the four layers of the sun can use 16 mm board, good capability of heat preservation can fully ensure the temperature in the greenhouse. Visible, the performance of the sunshine board products will be directly related to the practical application of effects, the influence factors of the sunshine board in practical production also has a lot of, soluble resin and pressure are included. Soluble resin which is mainly the influence of the amount of polycarbonate roofing sheets caused by soluble resin content is big, prone to flow when polycarbonate roofing sheets suppress phenomenon, such as curing by increasing hot-pressing time to achieve. Soluble resin content is too small, and if the sunshine board surface will appear dry flower phenomenon, affect the sheet of water absorption and dimensional stability.
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