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Sunshine plate sealing side is accomplished with duct tape

by:UNQ     2020-11-12
The use of 2329 polycarbonate sheet all around us there are many, but should have a lot of friends personally installed sunshine board products, it must not know after installation and sealing side processing. There are small make up to spread the knowledge of this respect for everyone. You ever notice, purchase of polycarbonate sheet with tape at both ends, what is this for? What does it matter with sealing side? Actually sunlight board on the edge of the tape in order to protect the products not only from pollution or damage to, or the main material of sealing side. But in actual construction time to pay attention to, in order to ensure the quality of polycarbonate roofing sheets sealing side, first of all to guarantee the integrity of adhesive tape, changed must be replaced. At the same time keep the sunshine board edge smoothness, after sealing side, also check its seal. This will play out.
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