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Sunshine plate layer and the quality of what kind of relationship?

by:UNQ     2020-10-14
1464 since realized the sunshine board excellent performance, its application range is becoming more and more widely, but some people don't know what kind of sunshine board is better. Some users will think, sun plate should be layers, the more the better, but others don't think so, exactly what is right? Whether single or multi-layer sunshine sunshine board panels are each have advantages and take you, so is good also depends on the quality of the polycarbonate sheet and application occasions. Take, for instance, multilayer sunshine board because of its layer number is more, so it does have a better sound insulation, heat insulation effect, and supporting ability is stronger. But multilayer board has its drawbacks as well as sunshine, especially when it is used as arch radian canopy, layer number of the more sunshine board will be a great influence on life; And multilayer sunshine plate cost higher than two layer board, the materials are, after all, a lot more. If the material does not press multilayer board proportion increase sunlight, so much sunshine board does not follow to go up the wall thickness of the thinner instead more influence use quality. using lifespan key at the top of the layer, instead of depending on how many layer, so a lot of people think that the more sunshine board layer, the good is not very correct. The user wants to use multilayer sunshine board, only heat insulation, strong support, but as long as it is now qualified sunshine board, has the characteristic of this area. If the same material, the thickness of the double sun plate after than the thickness of the multilayer sunshine, in this way can we truly prolong service life, rather than the increase of the layer. If the space is too small, highly short, supporting frame is too thin, or screen material, etc, the sunshine board layer a lot of support for acoustic insulation is really the key.
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