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Sunshine plate heat insulation measures and sunshine houses cooling technique

by:UNQ     2020-10-07
1140 because transparent polycarbonate roofing sheets pervious to light quality is good, so it will also absorb more heat, especially when the summer would greatly improve indoor temperature because the temperature is high, this case still need to take a number of ways to achieve the purpose of cooling, which is to for insulation transparent sunshine board. In theory, there are three ways to transparent polycarbonate roofing sheets have the effect of heat insulation, one kind is to replace it with dark or opaque polycarbonate sheet, which is the solid colors, can have very good heat insulation effect. In a fixed color, can use of structure with thick plate layers, such as four layers structure sunshine plate can be very good noise insulation effect. If conditions permit, you can add other obstructions on transparent polycarbonate sheet, also a transparent plate, can also be very good to have the heat insulation effect. But often conditions effective in practical application, so how to reduce the temperature in the sunshine houses? When in fact the problem in building construction will be given, choosing materials to choose some material which has the function of cooling, not only have the transmission of light, and has the function of heat insulation. Formal because of this, so we don't choose the glass, but the sun plate in the first place. Although there are a lot of users in order to reduce the cost would be labeled as heat insulation film on the glass surface directly, it really has the effect of uv protection, but affects the glass pervious to light quality, or do not conform to the requirements. In the process of the construction of the second sun houses design in addition to the use of insulating materials, and also can design ventilated place, through the ventilated place to adjust indoor temperature, at the same time also can therefore avoid in damp condition. Still have a kind of practice, that is, directly in the polycarbonate roofing sheets structures, sunshine indoor installed air conditioning, so you can better control the temperature, give people a comfortable environment, can feel the warmth of the sun, and not too hot.
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