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Sunshine plate forming method of superordinate know you?

by:UNQ     2020-10-30
1831 polycarbonate sheet is a kind of plastic board, is made using high quality raw materials through the corresponding processing method of a kind of products, it can be further made into all kinds of products are used in various fields. But here is not the sunshine board USES, but it made the forming way, there is a way, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages, finally choose which kind of also depends on the actual situation. First there is the polycarbonate sheet vacuum forming, is to use suction machines in the sheet is heated to a certain temperature, then the effects of the negative pressure by a vacuum pump on the material, and its adsorption on the surface model. Once after cooling, can shape into different shapes of the sunshine board products. Followed by compression, this way is more simple, as long as with the die casting machine can suppress forming. In addition, extrusion is one of the ways in which produces the sunshine board, used to squeeze molding machine to continuous heating of materials through the mould, extrusion shape of the products. In this way the production efficiency, automation, more advantages in such aspects as continuous, so and is one of the more widely used way.
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