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Sunshine board versatility in what place?

by:UNQ     2020-11-06
1772 sun plate sheet is very common in life, one of its high performance got the favour of more and more, and make its application range is also gradually expanding. Board said to the sun, most people will think of the construction of the sun room, in addition to any other purposes? Of course, but also many, for example can use the polycarbonate sheet instead of the traditional glass into the balcony railing, especially in high-rise buildings on the fence, this can greatly improve the safety of buildings. besides have known as sunshade function, and the effect of rain, so it is also one of ideal material cross-bars the awning. Because eye sunshine board can collect the light, so use it as the ground, can be further made into a luminous ceiling, play an important role. The rest of us can think of is all kinds of furniture of cupboard door, in addition to glass, acrylic, etc, the board can also make furniture ghosts door is more practical and beautiful.
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