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Sunshine board two sealing method of PK

by:UNQ     2020-09-29
1840 seal is one of the important link of the polycarbonate sheet construction, if this step is not good, later is likely to trigger a polycarbonate roofing sheets leakage problems, even will cause the deformation. So sunshine plate seal is generally respected, the most commonly used sealing method of the original rubber and waterproof adhesive tape method, different seals the corresponding construction procedure also is distinguishing. If use sealing rubber strip light plate, it can be on the back of the rib insert plate aluminum layering grooves in the sunshine, is usually a layering with two rubber strip. And then put on strip aluminum layering on two pieces of sunshine plate juncture place, but should pay attention to the two to set aside a certain gap between the polycarbonate sheet, provide space for plate of the heat bilges cold shrink. Then carries on the fixed drlling on bead wire, in order to strengthen the sealing, also need to play on both sides of layering on neutral silicone rubber. But if use waterproof tape sealing, less complicated, as long as the outer protective paper uncover waterproof tape, paste it directly in the polycarbonate roofing sheets joint, pressure on layering and drill tail wire fixation. Compared to a straight line or the latter's efficiency is higher, but in terms of sealing effect, also only know after test.
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