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Sunshine board the application and effect in the solar cell industry

by:UNQ     2020-10-14
1314 as the sunshine board industry is more and more fierce market competition, as a manufacturer in improving their own polycarbonate sheet product quality at the same time, further enlarging the application scope of the sunshine board. Here recommend the pv industry, believe that the sunshine board can certainly go a long way in the field. Pv industry belongs to the chaoyang industry, has a very broad prospects for development, at present with the basic on the solar cell is suede toughened glass, but its advantages and disadvantages is obvious. If can use the polycarbonate sheet replacement, not only the existing defects can be overcome, can also help to day Yang can the improvement of the performance of the battery. For technological reasons, suede toughened glass inside contain nickel sulfide can't remove, in normal circumstances there is a certain form the explosive rate, especially under the severe environment runtime, explosive ratio can significantly increase more, thus reduce the performance of solar cells. But the use of resistance to scratching by sunshine board to replace the glass used in solar cells, can overcome the many shortcomings, really is good for the performance of solar cells, is good for business. Sun plate not only has the good ability to resist scratching, also has the temperature adaptability, it can change with temperature, tensile strength increased with the temperature tensile strength will decline. Because it is high temperature resistant, so even in under the environment of high temperature of 120 degrees, the tensile strength of the sunshine board can stay above 35 mpa. In addition, sun plate bending strength at room temperature is 90 ~ 95 mpa. Bending modulus is 2400 mpa. Its cold bent into a 90 degree Angle will not crack, also bending back down with a rise of temperature. Indications are that sunshine board has good tensile strength, and apply it to secondary molding.
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