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Sunshine board than to plastic film used in greenhouses

by:UNQ     2020-10-14
1295 today, the sunshine board as greenhouses material, the practice has been very popular instructions to do so is very beneficial to the growth of plants. It not only can ensure the temperature inside the greenhouse, at the same time also can ensure its own have longer service life. Has the sunshine board, traditional greenhouses material plastic film has been replaced, it will have to compare the distinction between plastic film and sunshine board. If before the use of plastic film in greenhouses effect is better, but because the emergence and use of the sunshine board, its position was precarious. Because the sunshine board more beautiful, longer service life than plastic film, according to the experience of greenhouses for the film in two years is about to change, but the sunshine board can be used more than ten years. And transparent polycarbonate roofing sheets can provide excellent transparency for greenhouses and surface luster, make the greenhouses in unit area of solar energy can be used as much as possible; At the same time there are more than ordinary plastic thin film thermal conductivity, so that the heat loss is reduced greatly. Test proves that the PC is the ideal impact resistance of thermoplastics, a polycarbonate roofing sheets is made of this material, nature also can have good impact resistance. Film greenhouses, by contrast, is very vulnerable to physical damage. In addition, the sunshine board has good fire resistance, part of the test by the national authority, sunshine board belongs to the flame retardant grade B, can self-extinguishing away from the fire. And the film is very weak, once a fire to give farmers caused huge losses. The polycarbonate sheet in - 100 c does not occur when cold short, at the same time are not soften at 135 degrees Celsius, it is in the rough conditions that the mechanics, the mechanical properties, such as no obvious changes, which is also plastic film cannot do.
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