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Sunshine board screw installation method and notice requirements

by:UNQ     2020-10-04
997 polycarbonate sheet regardless of dry method and wet method of assembling assembly, regardless of horizontal, vertical and inclined installation. In hollow sun plate installation project is extremely important in the edge of the fastening, must pay attention to the following two points: in the connection profiles or in framed with slot effective space should be set aside to plate the inflation and the load displacement. Linear thermal expansion coefficient of hollow sun is 7 x 10 m/m. K, that is, each temperature increase 1 ℃, 1 m * 1 m plate along the length direction of the expansion of 0. 075 mm, the user must according to the engineering location points of the four seasons temperature difference, calculate the installation clearance data: such as the northern area, high temperature of 40 ℃, low temperature to - 30 ℃, 1 m * 1 m plate installation reserved clearance of 0. 07×70=4. 9mm。 The sun plate installation step 1. Sheet will be shipped to the installation location; 2. Rip to a plate at the bottom of the protective film; 3. Use block positioning; 4. Jie in addition to the second piece of plate at the bottom of the protective film; 5. Use block positioning; 6. In the second piece of plate thru labeled waterproof adhesive tape; 7. The layering pressure in a waterproof tape above; The sun plate screw installation method 1. Can be made according to the thickness, screw spacing, the appropriate configuration, spacing is too small and too much is not good. Such as the spacing is too small, sometimes stress caused by too tight, cause damage; Such as spacing is too big, and can make the PC board fixed instability. Note: such as PC sheets, fixed directly with self tapping screw, the screw spacing, the greater the plate is not easy to damage due to stress. 2. PC board must be taken into consideration the size of the screw holes summer night heat bilges cold shrink and book. In general, the screw holes should be larger than the screw diameter at least 2 ~ 4 mm, to reserve expansion space. The polycarbonate sheet assembly system is mainly used for small facilities, such as the garage, station canopy, rain eaves, alternative glass greenhouse, and many other occasions. When using wet method of assembling, sealing system are basic requirements sheet has to withstand a certain amount of mobile, allow the thermal expansion and not reduce its and cohesive force between the frame and plate. Generally recommended to use neutral silicone rubber with hollow sun plate wet, assembly, but it is important to pay special attention to, must be checked before use of the sealant used chemical, do not use acidic and alkaline silicone rubber, because the curing agent can lead to plank crack, especially when there are internal stress, when choosing sealant, besides considering chemical eligibility, but also focus on inspection, extension and weather resistance, etc.
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