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Sunshine board's ability to under pressure

by:UNQ     2020-10-27
246 PC polycarbonate sheet with steel structure frame, can withstand a lot of outside pressure, and then we will look at the PC sunshine plate capacity under pressure. of snow pressure compressive strength? Northern general heavy snow last winter, the northeast province of snow, the higher value of arrived in history at the same time period as a direct result of many roof ceiling engineering be overwhelmed or crush, the sunshine board roof is a what circumstance? KangXue load capacity can reach the standard testing? Actually sunlight board compressive ability is very strong, adults also won't let one leg to stand on the sunshine board plate deformation, but the premise condition is in the case of stress uniform loading. By PC sunshine board building roofing construction, is supported by steel or stainless steel as a skeleton, since polycarbonate roofing sheets is hollow, some are bound to have uneven stress distribution, heavy snow will cause chapped sunshine board, but please don't think the sunshine board KangXue load parameters, but considering the project you have built the keel condition, sunshine plate joint skeleton of snow load to what is. To prevent the sunshine board by snow pressure bad, he must think at the beginning of the design engineering to the skeleton density, density of steel structure strengthened, sunshine project can bear compressive ability is improved accordingly.
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