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Sunshine board reveals the UV protection method for you

by:UNQ     2021-04-29
Anyone who knows the PC sheets industry knows the effect of UV anti-aging layer on the service life of PC boards. Generally, PC boards without a UV protective layer on the surface will yellow and age after being used for a few years... Understand the PC board industry Everyone knows the effect of UV anti-aging layer on the service life of PC sheets. Generally, PC sheets without UV protection layer on the surface will turn yellow after a few years of use. If the quality of the raw materials used for the sheets is poor, they will even experience serious aging. Furthermore, in the case of brittleness, the aging factor is the ultraviolet rays contained in the sunlight. Anything exposed to the natural environment is more or less affected by the ultraviolet band of the sun, especially chemical materials. Ultraviolet rays will destroy the molecular structure of chemical materials. The PC solar panel will be exposed to the sun for a few years. Yellowing and aging occurs due to changes in molecules. In order to keep the high transparency of the PC sun board for a longer time, we innovated the UV co-extrusion process of the PC sheets. The UV coating is perfectly attached to the surface of the PC sheets through the co-extrusion technology to absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Thereby improving the service life of the PC board. Although the UV layer has a strong protective effect on the PC board, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the quality of the board at the moment because the sun board is a covering material that is used for a long time. If there is no correct identification method, whether it contains UV The amount of co-extrusion of the protective layer or the UV layer cannot be observed with the naked eye. In order to protect the interests of consumers, solar panel manufacturers here summarize the following methods for identifying the UV protective layer of PC solar panels. Method 1. Strong light irradiation When using a strong light source to illuminate the surface of the PC solar panel containing the UV layer, a small amount of blue will appear. The greater the blueness, the thicker the UV protective layer. Method 2: Use RMB to judge. When RMB is irradiated with ultraviolet rays, a unique anti-counterfeiting mark will appear. If we block the PC solar panel in the middle of the ultraviolet light source, the UV coating on the sheet will absorb the ultraviolet rays to a certain extent. Therefore, if we compare the RMB anti-counterfeiting labels before and after, we can simply judge the co-extrusion amount of the UV anti-aging layer of the PC solar panel. Under normal conditions, PC solar panels lose 5 microns of UV anti-aging layer every year. The upper surface of the solar panel manufacturers has a 50-micron UV layer co-extruded, which can effectively block UV damage and achieve a ten-year anti-aging effect.
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