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Sunshine board quality judgment error? What are those?

by:UNQ     2020-10-09
Plate 205 purchase of sun, we often use the method of he thinks is right to judge whether a polycarbonate roofing sheets of good quality and use the method to judge the quality of the sunshine board is a good thing that can make bad business prohibited take inferior shoddy sunshine board to deceive consumers, but in the wrong way to judge the benefits of a polycarbonate sheet quality so could backfire, the following guide to distinguish what methods of misjudging the polycarbonate sheet: sunshine board according to his quality stand or fall or have hierarchies, this point is to understand, generally can be divided into high, medium, generally three grades. The following method is wrong, the difference between the sunshine board must avoid these pitfalls. Myth: the more thick, the service life of the strong sunshine board and the thickness is no relationship, the service life of he only has something to do with plate of raw materials and processing technology. Erroneous zone 2: cheap accessories, nail installed directly so it is wrong to think clearly, the high quality aluminum alloy parts can make us better after installation leak proof, use high quality strip can also make the whole structure is not only safe sound insulation effect is more secure. When buying a polycarbonate roofing sheets if you do not have sufficient experience, so be sure to shop around, as far as possible choose professional sunshine board manufacturers, so that product quality is more secure, also can let the consumer trust. Myth 3: use your hands to knead the sunshine board, many consumers think the sunshine board as hard as possible, only sunshine board proportion are sufficient, strength is good, but the polycarbonate sheet of luminosity is more critical, sunshine board surface is smooth, if there are any bubbles or particles, if sunshine plate particles or bubble is bigger, can explain the sunshine board material is relatively poor, the grade is low, if is small, can be thought of as a good raw material.
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