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Sunshine board performance is affected by soluble resin and pressure

by:UNQ     2020-10-27
2028 sunshine board how performance will be directly related to product's actual application effect, and the factors that affect the product performance and has a lot of, so if you want to completely get control still need to charge a little force. Today just start from two aspects of soluble resin and the pressure this, look at their impact on the polycarbonate sheet have how old? How to control? Usually soluble resin is mainly the influence of the amount of polycarbonate roofing sheets, namely the sun phase A resin composition of the board. Usually soluble resin content, the sunshine board suppression is prone to flow glue phenomenon, to the purpose of curing by increasing hot-pressing time; And soluble resin content is too small, sunshine board surface will appear dry flower phenomenon, affect the sheet of water absorption and dimensional stability. Temperature, time, pressure is the essential condition of the sunshine board, visible pressure on how strong the impact of the sunshine board, if control is not good, the appearance of the sheet parts quality can not meet the requirements, mechanical performance will be worse. And reasonable pressure in addition to ensure the paper fiber and resin permeate each other, also can resist the adverse impact of low molecular material, in a eighty kg not the size of the square centimeter is the most appropriate.
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