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Sunshine board per square meter price

by:UNQ     2020-10-11
2207 polycarbonate sheet is the price per square meter, in fact, the sunshine board price is related to many factors, such as color, Transparent, light blue, dark brown, green, grass green, sapphire blue) , thickness, 1毫米,3毫米,5毫米,6毫米,8毫米100毫米) , material ( Polycarbonate, PC, plastic, aluminum alloy, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, PVC) Factors such as; how much money per square: sunshine board price is transparent, in 30 yuan ~ 300 yuan or so commonly, sunshine plate price is not constant, but a comprehensive consideration technology level and the time of the raw material price and other cost calculated; Sunlight greenhouse plate reference price: 30 ~ 120 yuan/square; Daylighting sunshine board reference price: 60 ~ 300 yuan/square; Curtain wall plate sun reference price: 150 ~ 300 yuan/square; bike shed reference price: 50-300 yuan/square; Sun plate canopy reference price: 30 ~ 200 yuan/square; The above prices are for reference only, in order to get more detailed sunshine plate prices please contact: wuxi emperor lang board industry co. , LTD. ( Yang jun 13606180568 HuaXingFeng 13606192714) 。 is widely used in greenhouse/industrial factory building, decoration, advertising signs, poncho bike shed, channel, daylighting residential, commercial lighting awning, exhibition, sports stadiums, swimming pools, daylighting warehouse daylighting top business, factory, stadium lighting ceiling and shade canopy, agricultural greenhouse, breeding and flower greenhouses, and kiosks, kiosks, stations, public facilities, highway noise field of decoration, advertising. is a high-performance engineering plastics - - - - - Polycarbonate ( PC) Resin processing, with high transparency, qualitative light, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, etc, but not acid-proof, alkali resistance, is a high-tech, comprehensive performance is very outstanding, energy efficient and environmentally friendly plastic plates, plastic building materials are widely used international.
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