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Sunshine board per square meter price is reasonable

by:UNQ     2020-10-24
2123 when buying sun plate, we found that the products are basically calculated price of every square metre, and sunshine board market price also is relatively transparent, usually according to different products, the price in the 30 to three hundred yuan per square metre. Of course the price also will be change, it is calculated by the factors of comprehensive consideration, although different countries, different cities, different parts of the sunshine board the prices are different, but at the time of quotation is inseparable from the following several aspects to consider. The first is the sunshine board production technology level, also superb technical level to sunshine board products brand the higher price will naturally; But relatively, its quality, performance and low level of technology to produce products can't than. Then there is the cost of production of raw materials, is that it is difficult to control. Used to make the principle of the sunshine board polycarbonate, it mainly is refined from the oil, and the world oil price has been change, so the sunshine board price fluctuations will follow. Finally, some other costs, including logistics, such as, loss of labor costs, such as far as the logistics of international trade than domestic trade cost is higher, the polycarbonate sheet clinch a deal the price in the international trade has to be relatively a bit higher. Visible light plate prices high and low is there is a certain reason, too cheap products will strengthen vigilance.
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