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Sunshine board monofilament quality must be in accordance with which standard?

by:UNQ     2020-10-26
1374 sunshine board quality, instead of monofilament quality has the close relation, and about sunshine board monofilament puts forward certain requirements in the quality standards, only to meet these requirements can be regarded as qualified, can be used in the sunshine board production. one of the monofilament quality measure is its fineness, different materials of sunshine board monofilament, the fineness requirement and the permissible error is different. Second, the appearance is also an important factor of whether polycarbonate sheet monofilament quality qualified. High quality monofilament quality should be lubricated tender sunshine board, and the colour is basic on average; Which does not contain any impurities, bubble and crack defects such as; , of course, also does not allow any wire or not fdy with, otherwise will reduce sunshine board monofilament quality. at the broken ends of monofilament to knot to sustainable, interval between two severed head should not be less than 500 meters. In addition, considering the size is the major form of sunshine board monofilament fineness, therefore also get more attention, in this respect. Want to know, affect the sunshine board monofilament diameter are the elements of the size and proportion. Determination of its size, the ordinary take 10 meters without joint monofilament, 12 hours and dry, with analysis of weighing scales accurate to three decimal places, so as to get the desired results, determine the sunshine board monofilament quality.
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