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Sunshine board monofilament quality appraisal

by:UNQ     2020-11-11
1656 sun plate quality in many degree, which depends on the quality of monofilament, only has the excellent quality of monofilament, to safeguard the polycarbonate sheet of sex. Below is about monofilament quality standards, can consult a judgement. First can be distinguish from the aspects of appearance, monofilament and smooth soft, color is the standard of high quality monofilament evenly; At the same time, its internal also cannot exist impurity, air bubble and crack, otherwise the same to cause a decline in its overall quality; Have observed from appearance whether mixed with wire or not pull wire, if there is one broken knot way can also be used as the basis for judgment. Second from the Angle of performance comparison, should be consistent with our goal; Finally is the accounting denier, usually when the size is measured, normal to dry, the 10 meters without joint monofilament with accurate weighing scales.
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