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Sunshine board manufacturer to tell you how to identify the quality of the sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-09-28
265 sunshine board is becoming more and more popular, but the quality sheet should be how to distinguish? manufacturers take you understand the advantages and disadvantages of PC polycarbonate sheet. Today, the sunshine board, the kinds of materials and the price is different. Some manufacturers use lots of recycled materials and inferior polycarbonate production sunshine board flood the market. So, people are not familiar with the sunshine board how to identify the sunshine board quality? To distinguish the sunshine board quality basic method is as follows: 1, the price. The same specifications of the sunshine board, different brand of sunshine board price gap is too big, and the cheap sunshine board certainly exist problems. 2, the transparency, sunshine board transparency about 94%, the lower the transparency, the more recycled materials, inferior the color of the polycarbonate sheet is black. 3, look at the polycarbonate roofing sheets the surface of the PE protective film, if is paste on and off, show excellent process equipment or manufacturer's production attitude more rigorous. 4, look up and down the thickness of the wall is thicker, the materials used, the more the higher the proportion, the higher the cost, the quality of the plate, the better. 5, pull protective film see plank. New raw material of plank is there would be no foreign body or impurities. If there is a foreign body, so is added recycled material. Add the recycled material, the more the more impurities, the quality of the plate. 6, bending the sample boards, the more brittle plate quality, the poor, PC sunshine board has better toughness. If the plate is easy to broken, means it is not a pure PC material, namely added recycled material 7, look at the flatness of plate. On the flat plate on the one hand, said wall and lower wall thicker, material out of shape not easily. On the other hand also said equipment process better. If the plate is not flat, means that the production process is not yet ripe or thin wall up and down. This is sunshine board manufacturer to introduce the difference between a few methods of quality, if you need to buy the sunshine board, suggested that choose the spring sunshine board. Full spring sunshine board is a new kind of high strength, heat insolation, pervious to light, light building material, is widely used in light box production, hood lighting, guardrail, riot shields, daylighting awning, industrial workshop, greenhouses, observation window, sound barriers, exhibition lighting, advertising light boxes, etc.
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