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Sunshine board make sun room is too hot in summer how to solve

by:UNQ     2020-10-20
Rely on 39 sunshine board lit, illumination is good wait for a characteristic, has become a very common construction material, use it to make the polycarbonate sheet is a good plan. Is also to make sun room, past chosen is glass, but this kind of planning in the hot summer is always going to have some problems, first is the control of temperature. How ability complete sun room cool summer intention? First, of course, from building materials, selection of cooling material, both have the same glass pervious to light quality, can also have the function of the heat insulation and cooling, together that can choose as long as the sunshine board. Some users to save the cost would be directly in the glass insulation film, but it is has the effect of temperature and uv protection, but decreased with sun room appear a texture. Though sun room planning has many advantages, but particularly in high temperature season will expose the hot. Except through the use of insulating materials, can also pass ventilated breathe freely planning regulate indoor temperature, also is in the sun room add ventilation equipment, will the upper space of heat and wet air to the outside world. To replace sun room information with sunshine board, and set the vents, the temperature is still not comfortable, then can only use the hardware device cooling, air conditioning is device. Or all kinds of plants in the sun, it is also a good choice, green plant is a natural temperature control device. Seems to boast one coin has two sides, although use polycarbonate sheet manufacturing sun room now seem to be quite perfect, but as long as the experience after the talent actually feel some disadvantages, and then through a reasonable method to improve.
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