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Sunshine board life_who will compensate for the loss of more than 2 million yuan when the sun board cracks?

by:UNQ     2021-02-25
Guide: life ' is cracked. The installation company said it was a problem with the quality of the sun board. The manufacturer of the sun board said it was a problem with glue and strips. The glue and strip manufacturers all said their products were qualified products. Who caused this That’s right?” The sun panel that Mr. Yang from Shenyang bought at a high price cracked within a month after installation, and hundreds of thousands of them were used for replacement. Mr. Yang sought a solution from the relevant unit, but no one is willing to take it for more than a year. On April 14, Mr. Yang told reporters from Shenyang Evening News and about his unclear experience.   cracked?   In October 2011, Mr. Yang invested in the construction of a hotel. Because there are many green plants and flowers planted in the hotel, which requires good lighting, he decided to use sun panels as the roof. Mr. Yang went to (Beijing) Bayer Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Bayer Company') of the sun panel, and contracted the project to Shenyang Meijing Environmental Art Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Mayfair Company').   During the acceptance of the project, Mr. Yang discovered that there were large-scale cracks in the PC sun panel that had been installed less than a month ago. When it rains, the hotel becomes a 'water curtain hole'. After the related Meijing Company and Bayer Company visited the site, Meijing Company said that the polycarbonate sheet produced by Bayer Company had quality problems. Bayer believes that the cracking phenomenon is caused by the improper installation of Meijing. Meijing said that it has been cooperating with Bayer for more than ten years, and the installation process is carried out completely according to the installation procedure, without any installation problems. In order to find out the reason, Bayer took away the auxiliary materials used when installing the PC sun panel-plastic strips and solar panel waterproof tape for testing. The results were considered to be caused by glue and plastic strips. As a result, Mr. Yang found a manufacturer of adhesive strips and glue, but the other party insisted that the quality of his products was fine and provided his own certificate of conformity.  Who will pay for the loss?   There is no alternative, Mr. Yang had to remove and reinstall the sun panel, and lost more than 2 million yuan. Mr. Yang can’t understand, “It stands to reason that there is no problem with the installation company, Bayer’s sun board, and the auxiliary material strips and glue. There should be no problem with the installation and use. Then why is there still a problem? Obviously, someone has lied.' After various investigations, Mr. Yang found that there is no national uniform standard for the life of solar panels in our country, there is no industry standard, and there is no legal identification and testing department. In this regard, Tao Yu, a professor at Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, an expert in this field, confirmed that for the production and testing standards of solar panels, 'our country does not have national standards or industry standards. There is no consensus to comply with various enterprises and processing enterprises. Documents.” In order to defend his rights, Mr. Yang had to seek legal solutions. Currently, the court is proceeding.
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