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Sunshine board layering needs how to check?

by:UNQ     2020-10-15
215 polycarbonate sheet layering even in cold winter, is also a good maintenance, because after the hot summer and cold winter, the temperature difference, it's easy to let the polycarbonate sheet layering appeared some damage, and in the winter sunshine board layering of the examination is very important, so in the winter and carry on various maintenance must be most users actually to sunshine board layering of some maintenance or inspection standard, will have its own some advice, how to measure the strength of some of the sunshine board layering, this is a lot of people want to know. 1. Check the sunshine board layering for cracks, if want to choose the sunshine board layering, so be sure to take out the related samples, put them in ten degrees below the refrigerator, take out after nailing them on the edge of the plastic film, 24 hours a day, so distance from 10 mm to see if they have cracks, and if they have a crack, so there won't be any role in the summer, the sun plate layering is not to be able to use. 2. Summer deformation and laying in the sun plate layering in detecting the process of actual deformation and laid, be sure to put them all into the water of 70 ℃, for five minutes, and then give out all of these things, with the hand mold of the way to look at whether they can appear some deformation, of course, if harden, then basically want to abandon them. 3. Selecting high quality sheet sunshine board layering in the actual process of selection must choose some more high quality board, it can effectively avoid cracking, will also be able to achieve aesthetic effect.
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