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Sunshine board layering is what accessories

by:UNQ     2020-11-10
51 sunshine board material is introduced, by using the size of the problem is more and more widely, the degree of attention to this kind of product is also gradually deepened. That find sunshine board construction of time, usually with layering used together, this is a kind of what kind of accessories? Device after polycarbonate sheet, because the board and the board is bound to be gaps between, will directly affect the sealing of all. And therefore needs a parts have the cohesion effect, and this mission to layering to end. In order to match with the function of the polycarbonate sheet, which used the layering is also made of PC material, equipment up beautiful and easy, and more convenient. Not only that, the colour of layering is the ability to choose, can according to customer requirements and the color of the polycarbonate sheet to confirm. Common standards of layering is 6 m, a, if you have any special requirements, can also requires a customized manufacturer.
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