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Sunshine board layering is a kind of what kind of accessories?

by:UNQ     2020-11-09
After 2401 sun plate materials were introduced, application scope is more and more widely, people attention to this kind of product also gradually deepened. The find sunshine board construction, usually with layering used together, this is a kind of what kind of accessories? After installation of the polycarbonate sheet, because there is gap between plates, will directly affect the whole sealing. So you need to have a spare parts have the effect of connection, and can keep layering to complete this task. performance in order to match, its the layering is also made of PC material, beautiful and easy to install, and use rise more convenient. Not only that, the color of the bead is a choice, can according to customer's needs, and the color of the polycarbonate sheet to determine. Common layering specification is a root of 6 m, if you have any special requirement, also can be customized requirement manufacturer.
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