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Sunshine board instead of glass on the curtain wall use what are the benefits?

by:UNQ     2020-11-02
After 1926 by glass is compared with the polycarbonate sheet found that no matter from which side, polycarbonate roofing sheets are much higher cost performance, so as main material of curtain wall glass will be gradually replaced by sunshine board. This type of plate used on curtain wall, can get the performance? it is not strange to us, if applied to the curtain wall construction, will reduce the construction difficulty because of the light. And the polycarbonate roofing sheets is also higher than the transparency of glass, satisfy people demand for curtain wall light transmittance; Glass curtain wall withstand sunlight irradiation for a long time, easy to burst caused by uneven heating effect, but the sun is plate don't need to have such worry, its light resistance, heat resistance is very good, and uv protection function. In addition, on the performance of the polycarbonate sheet and strong shock resistance, such as curtain wall won't because of the action of external force and deformation, to ensure the safety of the whole project. All in all, plank will quickly replace glass in the use of curtain wall is a kind of inevitable trend.
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